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We supply many of our raw ingredients we use to the local market, especially oats. Our 25 kilogram and 1 kilogram bags of oats are extremely cost effective. The oats we supply are the best available quality and are available in many different forms. Coarse oats can be used in the production of muesli and crunchies, whilst fine oats is used mainly as a porridge and also in the manufacture of biscuits. We are able to supply all other oat products, from oat flour to oat bran. We supply these products throughout South Africa and can deliver from 100 kilograms upwards. Container and pallet loads are also available for export purposes.

Our current factory was constructed in 2002. The entire factory and offices are tiled in accordance with international food standards. The manufacturing equipment we use is of the latest design. The staff have separate change rooms, showers and canteen areas. Provision for paraplegics has been made.
Although not yet HACCP accreditated, we are working towards this and have stuctured and documented manufacturing procedures in place. Our factory is designed to manufacture most baked and dry roasted products.
We are happy to look into any new product that you require us to design and manufacture at our factory.

Please feel free to contact us.