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          Paul Ruiter

Paul's Muesli began late 1991. By 1994 the business had grown to such an extent that we were forced to obtain larger premises and purchase additional manufacturing equipment to meet the growing demand.

During that year Paul's Muesli employed its first staff member, who is still with us today. She has successfully managed the production in the factory for the past 14 years. We have grown from supplying one hotel in Johannesburg to supplying virtually all of the hotels in Johannesburg and Pretoria. In 1994 we began supplying South African Airways with muesli for the Johannesburg International Airport as well as for their first class passengers. To this day we continue to supply them.

Presently our main business is manufacturing muesli for other companies who sell branded products. These companies either provide us with formulations that are used exclusively for their products or we design muesli products for them. The Paul's Muesli brand is mainly sold directly to bulk end users, or wholesalers. Our range is also sold in neighbouring countries and we are looking to export to other countries worldwide. Our low cost of production allows us to compete with all the major players.